SEO-its Importance for Small Business.

As the world digitalizes and so does our way of life, people order food online, buy essentials online, and even spend most of their day online. 
According to studies, In the US alone, there were 4.5 Million new online businesses started in 2020, and about 36% of businesses in the world are now getting online sales. 
From the above, you can see that today making a website and running ads won't make your business make big bucks you need a proper plan to run your online business, and that's when SEO comes into the game. 
In this blog, I will tell you:
  • Why SEO is important?
  • How does SEO work for the business/why it's important for business?

Why SEO is Important?

 SEO is important because to date there are thousands of websites selling the same product and service and because of that you got great competition for yourself, usually, people check the first pages results and get their desired product or information they looking for and those which are on 2nd, 3rd, 4th pages get little to no sales and in order to get your website on the first page you have to optimize it but optimizing it isn't easy you should have done a couple of things in order to rank on the first page of google and these things are 
  • on-page SEO 
  • off-page SEO 
  • keywords research 

On-Page SEO 

By the name on-page, SEO means the optimization done on the website in order to increase website ranking on google like 
  1. improving content on the website. 
  2. changing meta title and meta description to make it more SEO friendly. 
  3. adding images and if already have one add alt text in it.

Off-Page SEO 

Off-Page SEO mostly refer to building links, there are 2 types of a link on which your website ranking depends 
  1. Internal link ( linking website pages with each other in a way that it becomes a guidance map so that when someone comes to your website he/she will find information or product they are looking for easily)
  2. External link ( linking a website with another high-traffic website to get more traffic and higher ranking on google is called external linking or backlink the more backlink from the high authority website  you have the more chance your website have to rank higher but they are really difficult to build and need constant work for 3 months minimum )

Keyword Research ( How to find Keywords for SEO? )

Then it will come to keyword research you can use various paid or free tools to do keyword research usually keyword research depends on the daily search volume of the keyword, SEO difficulty           ( means how much competition you have if you try to rank for the keyword you want ) and the tools you can use for keyword research are Keyword.io, jaaxy ( these 2 are free ) and if you are looking for paid tools then you can use ubersuggest, ashref, Moz. 
Make a list of the keyword you want your website to rank for and then write content using that keyword as the main keyword for that article.

How does SEO work for business?

when the SEO strategy you made starts working, you get ranked on the first page of google which means more exposure to people, and because of that your business starts making sales but the sale isn't the one thing when you get ranked on the first page people started to recognize you and your name which creates brand awareness without making any paid campaigns you will get organic traffic that lasts longer and help your business grow with time.


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